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Along with Swimmers Passions (the site you are on now), the site(s) listed below all focus on connecting swimmers and divers with others who thrive in the pool. If swimming is a major part of how you keep fit, then enjoy meeting like-minded singles among the sites below.


Swimming Fitness Singles

Find Fit Swimmers Online
For obvious reasons, fitness and swimming go hand-in-hand. If you are interested in fit singles who have a passion for swimming and/or diving, then the Fitness-Singles swimmers could be the group you are looking for. Join for free and browse the members and the features within the site.

Meet Sports Lovers

Find Athletic Sports Loving Singles Today!
If you are looking for fit singles in your local area who are into swimming or diving, then Meet Sports Lovers could be the site for you. On the homepage, you will see an Interests dropdown allowing you to search for members who are interested in Swimming or who are interested in Diving. Basically, this site is designed to help connect fit singles with other fit singles around their shared interests. Have fun!


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